Our History

It all began in Puerto Rico decades ago.  Gervasio (Jimmy) experienced family and friends coming together on a regular basis to prepare cultural foods at an early age.  The atmosphere, aromas and the labor of love was ingrained in him during his childhood and this passion lives within him today!

Pasteles were in particular, one of his favorite dishes to prepare, cook and eat.  He saw then how much work went into grating each food product to make the masa, realizing the consistency was a key component in preparing the Pasteles.

Years later, they were able to hand make a machine that would aid in the efficiency of grating,  It had a large, heavy wood base.  A washing machine motor and a large metal pot above with a grating disc within.  It was a loud, vibrating and messy process.  Not to mention the cleaning of the machine, which Gervasio would take into the back yard and spray down with a garden hose.  He had dreams of making a better option one day.

While living in Boston years later, he met another Jim playing golf tournaments.  They have been the best of friends for over forty years.  Both families settled in Naples and Tampa, Florida, twenty years ago.

Jim, while still in the golf industry, moved from Naples to Orlando where he met John, a Florida native, who was in the golf industry as well at the time.  They, too, became friends quickly.  They realized that they had many similarities as well as parallel experiences in their lives and became like brothers over the last eight years. Jimmy, Jim and John have merged together as a family by certain circumstances and having the same core values, faith, trust and family. Each of us has our own thoughts on life itself, one of which is a common attribute to share our desire to “pay it forward” and to help those who are less fortunate. This effort is very important to our story and our family, so now you may understand to a greater degree our motto, “FROM OUR FAMILY TO YOURS”.  This statement is realized and built on the reality that you don’t have to be blood relatives or of the same culture…to become family.

Approximately fifteen years ago, Gervasio and Jim decided to move forward with the dream of a patented Pasteles - masa machine that would be manufactured on a larger scale.  Through years of effort, the patent was awarded, manufacturer was identified and the machine was built. Prototypes were tested until they decided confidently that they did indeed have the machine that would provide the look, power and quality they worked so hard to achieve. The dream is now a reality!

We have spoken to so many people, of all ages, and the same consistent reaction to the word…Pasteles, or that we have a Pasteles machine, is the same!  Every single person wants one!  Gervasio is not as surprised, but Jim and John are pleasantly surprised every time we see their eyes light up,  the passion in which they speak, the specific stories remembered as if they were right there in their homes at that moment.  Wow, it bonds us immediately as they see our connectivity to them for sharing with honest emotion.  OUR HOPE is by bringing this newly manufactured machine to market, it will be a special addition to each of your families and that anyone would be proud to have on their kitchen counter.

We hope you will grow with us as we introduce this product into the market place. We look forward to seeing pictures, videos and your comments on how the www.thepastelesmaker.com has helped to provide enjoyment, ease of use and cleaning, in making Pasteles now and into the future carrying on your family legacy of cooking, sharing recipes and memories for years to come.

Please feel free to join us on facebook.com/pasteles.maker, instagram.com/pastelesmaker and pastelesmaker@gmail.com.

Telemundo49 Tampa / Gisselle Lopez recently aired our story on March 6th, 2020!  Gisselle was intrigued to find out about our Pasteles Maker machine and contacted us to share this story.  Please click HERE to see her story with us. 

Welcome to our Family!


Jimmy, Jim and John